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(Note: Some of the stories we will read in Term 3 do not come from the reader.)

Blame it on the Wolf
by Douglas Love
(from the reader)

Vocabulary Match

Find out about Wolves -
Are they really all bad?

Skill: Compare & Contrast




by Dana R. McDuff

This is a nonfiction selection that explains some of the history of the Statue of Liberty.

We will out a KWL chart online before we read the story!

Can you answer some of these questions about the Statue of Liberty?

Where did the statue come from?
Where is the statue located?
How big is the statue?
What is written on the statue's tablet?
What do the spikes on her crown stand for?

Take a virtual tour of the statue

Take a look at some pictures of the Statue of Liberty:

Find out more about the Statue of Liberty


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